Seed Procurement

The best outputs require the best inputs. Crops are grown with high quality seeds.  We cover all stages of the procurement process.   Whether you are seeking hemp seeds for fiber, fuel and/or food we will procure high quality seeds to achieve the results you desire. 


New markets are the often the most volatile and challenging at selling the harvest.  The traditional markets are not in place.  We have contacts in various different industries.  These range from fiber to seed, with years of involvement hemp activism, we have a network of purchasers in all emerging hemp markets.  


Are your prospects finding your product and your clients raving about you on social media?   We increase your ROI, by working with you on market strategy developing online presence,  and engaging you prospects and clients.  

Hemp Farming

As the first hemp farmer in Aitkin County in 80+ years we have learned from our studies and experience.  We can help you achieve the desired crops you desire.